In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media product can be compared to Silence of the Lambs opening      because its similar in the way that my character is walking through the woods and you get the sense that someone is watching her like the character in Silence of the Lambs where the character is running through the woods. The title Revenge is typical of a horror film because it connotes a sense of danger, mystery and evilness.

I also took an idea from Paranormal activity where at the beginning of the film it says that what you are about to see is real footage, i did this at the beginning of my film because i thought it made my final product more believe and went hand in hand with the way i filmed my product (using the hand – held camera effect) as i didn’t want a smooth polished production as this didn’t seem very realistic to me.

I used titles that i had seen in basically every film i have watched such as casting directors and costume directors because this made my film seem more genuine.

I placed my titles around any action because i didn’t want to distract the viewers attention away from the filming of my character. However i made the font bold enough for viewers to take not of the titles.

My final product challenges conventions of real media products because i don’t have any special effects or any sound effects, i also don’t dress my character in any ‘scary’ outfits or use knives  like you see in Scream or My bloody valentine, simply for the reason that i want my film to present a sense of realism. This is why my character is dressed in current high street fashion, because i wanted the most true to real life representation that i could.


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I know that costumes and props are essential in every successful film so i was keen to get the costume correct for my character and i think i achieved this by her dressing very high street that is popular at the moment with the skinny jeans, blazer and studded ankle boots because my target audience will relate to her dress sense and its very current. I didn’t choose to have characters dressed in scary outfits or masks like the film Scream because i believe its been done too many times before and i wanted something more original.

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Camera shots

Most of the shots i used were point of view shots to bring the sense of her being watched, i chose not to zoom in and out because i felt this looked cheap so instead i did close ups to get the same effect. I used long shots when i wanted to get a full view of my character walking a long distance, i used tracking shots to follow her walking and i didn’t use two shots because as my second character is only introduced in the last 2seconds where you see his hand grab my main characters face there was no point as no conversation was held.

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The genre of my film

I believe that its clear to what the genre of my film is just by the way my character walks through the dusky woods and there is a clear sense of somebody watching her. This idea of mine is similar to what you see in Silence of the Lambs where the main character is running through the woods and the camera is filming her in the view of somebody watching her.

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Special Effects and Camera Techniques

There are no special effects used on my media product because i wanted my film to be as realistic as possible so the only sound that is used are the natural sounds of my character walking through the woods. I think this choice brings realism to my product as it makes it less commercial.

The camera shots i used were many tracking shots where im following my character walking through the woods. I also used close ups rather than zooming in because i think this achieves better results. Long shots were used in my film when you see the character walking through the woodlands, as were point of view shots and establishing shots for the audience to get a sense of the character being followed and also a sense of the location. I didnt use any two shots because my other character is only introduced in the final 2 seconds of the film where you see his hand grabbing the main character so obviously two shots were not needed as no conversation was taken place.

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The name of my film

The name i have chosen for my film is Revenge. I chose this name because i think it fits really well and i cant imagine my film being called anything else.

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My characters

The characters that will be staring in my film.

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Problems with storyboard and location

Because the person who was playing my main character has dropped out of filming half-way through filming and so last minute, i now have problems with my storyboard that i made because i based the setting of the storyboard in a certain location. So now with  a new person playing the part of the main character im now filming in a new location close to where my actress lives. The problem with this is that i will now have to totally re-do my storyboard so that it fits in with my new location.

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Problems that have occured

Recently a major problem has occured with my filming, because the main character who was playing the part of the girl in my two minute opening has pulled out and refused to do anymore, so at last minute after searching for a new character i have finally found a replacement. Although this has set me back a few days i hope the film will still be very successful.

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The importance of soundtracks

Until really analysing at films closely i didn’t understand the importance of soundtracks, so i didn’t give it much thought into my two minute film opening. However now i realise that soundtracks are important to:

  • Create a tense and mysterious atmosphere in horror and thrillers.
  • Attracting viewers because if a soundtrack is a well known and loved song then it may draw the audience members to watch a film more.
  • Gives the audience a clue of what the genre is.
  • Keeping audience members entertained.

Soundtracks are non-diegetic, however diegetic sounds are also very important to films becoming a success for example in my horror i will include sounds of heavy footsteps to create a tense atmosphere.

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